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Dealing with post-collision road rage

When car accidents happen, many people are so caught up in the incident that they never consider their personal safety until another event occurs that causes them new and further injury. In the middle of traffic is not the only time motorists should be on guard against aggressive behavior and rage. They should also watch for them after car accidents in Winchester. Not all crash victims end up with life-threatening and debilitating injuries. Some individuals emerge just fine from the wreckage only to sustain injuries from the possibly at-fault party. 

Car accidents can cause people to feel many different emotions. It is not uncommon for people to become angry when the reality of their predicament hits them. They become overly aggressive and attack the parties they feel are responsible for the collisions, causing new or further injury to accident victims. Consider the following pointer about post-collision road rage: 

Staying safe on Northern Virginia roads

Driving in Northern Virginia presents a variety of hazards. It is important to ensure you follow safe driving tips and obey the rules of the road so you can avoid dangerous and harmful motor vehicle accidents. 

Accidents are prevalent on Northern Virginia roads, and the state even has a specific program, the Northern Virginia Traffic Management program, to help ensure improved safety in this area of the state. Here are some tips for safer driving and information about what you can do if you have a car crash:

Winchester vehicle accidents from speeding and aggressive driving

Any size community is susceptible to serious motor vehicle accidents. The reasons for crashes are numerous, from distracted driving to impaired driving due to alcohol, but some of the most frequent crashes come from reckless driving including aggression and speeding.

Speeding and aggressive driving can cause accidents that result in catastrophic injury. People who have suffered a serious injury in a motor vehicle accident in Winchester should be aware of their rights and to pursue compensation if someone else was negligent in causing the accident.

3 steps to immediately take after an auto accident

Car accidents are far too common in the state of Virginia. According to an official report, 65,029 people suffered car accident injuries in the state in 2015, which was a 2.6 percent increase from the previous year. 

From handling an insurance claim to potentially taking the other driver to court, there are many things that may arise from a collision. You want all of this to go as smoothly as possible, so you need to take the right actions from the start. In the event you ever find yourself part of a motor vehicle accident, here are the things to do right away. 

Factors that aid in an auto accident claim

There are a few steps to take after an auto accident if you desire to build a claim against the party responsible for your injuries. Along with these general steps, it may also be helpful for you to understand the claim process.

Filing a claim requires extensive information and proof. Take some time to review a few key things that aid in the process of a personal injury claim after an accident.

Trying to self-treat an injury could cost you more

Not everyone has a ton of money at their disposal, nor does everyone have generous health insurance plans. So, it makes sense when people try to self-treat injuries sustained in car accidents and in other personal injury matters such as sliding on ice and banging up your head.

However, the reality is that self-diagnosing and self-treating injuries can end up being extremely costly. For example, head injuries may not be immediately apparent, and by the time you realize the severity of your injury and that you need extensive treatment rather than a few visits to the doctor, you may have accepted a lowball offer from your insurance company.

Proper driving distance matters on Interstate 81

You may remember the two-second rule from driver's education. It says that your car should be at least two seconds behind the car in front of it. For example, the other vehicle passes a road sign, and you count to two. If you got to the road sign before the time was up, you were following too closely. Here is a quick look at the importance of proper driving distance on Interstate 81.

Interstate 81 can be risky

Distracted driving takes many forms

In Virginia, 80 percent of car accidents stem from distracted driving. We're all aware that our actions when driving can affect our safety. We know how children arguing or crying in the back seat can take our focus off the road, and that if we reach to turn the radio up for a favorite song we'll only have one hand on the wheel and may be looking down for a second or two. Those distractions have almost always been part of the driving experience. So what makes something like texting while driving so dangerous?

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